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The following service features are options that may be purchased in addition to the Domestic, End of Lease  and Commercial service offerings.


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Feature: Oven Cleaning

Cleaning of all inside walls , Soak and scrub built up grime to wiring racking.  Removing grime from inside glass of oven, and around rubber seals. Thorough wipe down of oven exterior.


Feature: Fridge Cleaning

Declutter and Removal of expired food.  Clean and sanitise fridge shelving and crisper drawers.  Wipe down and remove  built up grime in between fridge seals.  All external surfaces is free from dust  including behind the fridge in the cavity nook.


Feature: Pantry Cleaning 

Declutter and removal of expired food.  All pantry items removed and shelving wiped  down.  Any potential pantry pests such as weevils are treated where possible.  All pantry items placed back in neat tidy fashion easily accessible


Feature: Bed Making  

Removal of existing linen and placed in customers laundry.  All beds are re-made, any cushions are arranged for presentation.


Feature: Eve Cleaning 

All cobwebs and dirt removed from under eve boards. Where necessary  pressure washing will be used to ensure dirty marks are removed.


Feature: Professional Floor Polishing 

We have a joint venture partner who is fully certified and accredited  to perform floor polishing and  strip and seal services.

Feature: Professional Carpet Cleaning

We have a joint venture partner who is fully certified and accredited  to perform carpet cleaning  and stain removal.


Feature: Lawn Maintenance 

A seasonal periodic scheduling of  mowing, and general gardening services. All cuttings and debris are removed and placed in appropriate bins.  Pressure washing of footpaths and of driveways is also available.



PROPERTY & cOMMERCIAL Consulting services

FiBERNs’ capabilities are not limited to cleaning services, we also consult in  Mitigation and Restoration, Soft Facilities Management, Security Risk (Physical and Information) .


Feature: Dilapidation Report

FiBERN are able to prepare a report fit for purpose in Domestic or Commercial applications . Content customised for internal and external attributes on general condition, level of maintenance and ongoing usability of space and cost consciousness.


Feature: FM Services

FiBERN are able to provide a centralised management service for small / medium businesses to leverage best practice, trades and consulting services.


Feature: Mitigation and Restoration

In the event of  a tenant situation, Fire or Flood, FiBERN are able to attend site and independently report on the condition  on behalf of a business or land lord.